Location: Springfield, Illinois

Genre: Rock


Astrofix is an original rock band out of Springfield, Illinois. Made up of 5 members, they deliver a powerhouse set of music, drawing from influences that span from The Beatles and Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin to Black Sabbath, and even Queens of the Stone Age to Radiohead. With so many different musical backgrounds to pull from, but still maintaining a very unique "sound", it's always a blast at an Astrofix show.

You'll get rocked out of your seat right from the start. Then, they take you down a love-drenched path of reflection and hope, drawing from their personal experiences. When it seems they've hit an emotional high, you get taken with them to another level of adrenaline-fueled elation as they leave everything on the stage. It's always a night to remember.


Jamie Merideth - Vocals / Keys
Phil Cooper - Guitars
Dave Primeaux - Guitar / Vocals
Andy Jones - Bass / Vocals
Al Haire - Drums

They all contribute to the collaborative songwriting efforts that have produced 1 album already (Astrof1x), and have gotten a whole batch of new songs ready for the next. This is one original classic/ alt rock band you have to hear to believe!

Fun Facts

They've recently did a "Get to Know the Band" series, that you can find here: