Clinton Wilkie


Clinton Wilkie grew up on the Turtle Mountain reservation in northern North Dakota. He moved to Minnesota in late 2014, where he has continued to reside since. For Wilkie, guitar-playing began early July of 2015. His aspirations and inspiration to do so was born from the loss of his musically inclined Grand-father, who passed just the day before he(Clinton) picked up the guitar. In teaching himself to play guitar, Clinton became interested in singing just 2 years after picking up the guitar(late 2017) and ultimately, led to songwriting. Clinton is currently an independent artist without representation but would love to have the opportunity to find the right fit, label-wise, to call home, but this has not and will not diverge his focus on finishing up his upcoming debut album “take it too far”.

Clinton aspires to, through music, continue to build a platform which allows him to not only inspire other people to follow their dreams, but also to eventually get involved in something he feels passionate about, which is raising awareness of mental illness, the struggles and addictions that may stem from mental health issues, and to also help find outlets for those who may struggle from such issues.

Production for “Take it too far” is currently in the works as Wilkie returns to Nashville, Tennessee in October with his band to produce and record 4 more of his original songs. Wilkie’s album will release sometime in 2020 at which a date is yet to be announced. Updates will come in the following weeks to months as he is excited to not only continue on his journey as a solo country artist/songwriter, but also share the journey with the people who make living his dream possible, his loyal, loud and proud fans.