Location: Houston, TX

Genre: Alt/Indie/Groove Rock

What we love!

Why we love EverGlaze... Let's think about this for a moment. Maybe it's their unique sound. Maybe the chill vibe. It could be their rocking tempo or badass Panda logo. Maybe it's all the above? One thing we knew for sure is once we heard their two singles, "Monster In Hiding" and "Hardest We Go", we knew we had to feature them. The members of EverGlaze are a ton of fun and guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Check them out today at any one of the links above... follow, like, share and enjoy!


"EverGlaze" is an alternative rock band founded in 2017 by brothers Brandon and Robby Mesarina. Influenced by artists ranging from the Spice Girls to Led Zeppelin, they sought to incorporate various styles into one cohesive and audibly satisfying sound.

Joined by the flaming fingers of Sam Gomez on lead guitar, the ever boundary-pushing riffs of Chris Wilson on rhythm guitar, the hard hitting drums of Brandon "Panda" Mesarina, the 'low end you feel in your chest' bass lines from Robert Mesarina, and the range exploring vocals of Indy; EverGlaze seeks a place in rock history and in the hearts of all music lovers. Soon to be your favorite-flavored band, stay on the lookout for your next song to sing in the shower, on your ride to work, or at your neighbor's cat's birthday party. Let us be the thing playing through your airwaves and we hope you have a nice day!


1. Firstly the ones who keep us moving on to be able to do this our growing amount of supporters, our families, and our team we have to help us succeed each time we go out to play.
2. Matt "The Anaconda" Chevalier, and Shannon "Shop Gnome" Westbrook at Mikey Designs for all the support. (Ig tag : @mikeydesignssilkscreen)
3. Jay Roth being a good friend, an amazing mentor, and his constant drive pushing us to be better (Ig tag : @gtspresents)
4. Josh Hernandez for "Hardest we Go" artwork (ig tag : @jhernandez.art)
5. Michelle Tran for "Monster In Hiding" art

Fun Facts

If we become famous our bassist's (Robert) first order of business is to declare his love for Selena Gomez...and we will still practice in our garage.