Kevin Reynolds

Kevin Reynolds

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Genre: R&B

What we love!

Why we love Kevin Reynolds... Almost everyone has a favorite genre. Whether it's rock, country, rap, or any other you might be thinking of right now, Kevin will have you wanting to sing along to his song, "Hold Me". His heart felt song is extremely well written and Kevin's voice is something special. Hear it for yourself on MyMusic Records radio station. He also has an perfectly fit video to go with his release. You can watch the video by Clicking Here


Kevin Jerome Reynolds ll (born on November 7th 1984 ) known professionally as Kevin Reynolds is an American singer, songwriter and philanthropist. A child prodigy, Kevin was introduced and taught music by his grandmother and grew up singing in the church choir. He went on to receive vocal training by Broadway star Charles Chuck Cizzel.

As a young adult Kevin enlisted in the military and continued to perform in night clubs and many other music venues that would give him a chance to sing. Kevin has appeared on television shows such as American Idol, Sunday's Best, and America's Got Talent.

With the new release of his debut single "Hold Me", Kevin plans to become a household name and establish himself in the music industry.