Real Amor

Real Amor

Location: Denver, Colorado

Genre: Pop / R&B / Hip Hop


Real Amor (Ray Martin) is a Pop artist rising from Denver, CO. He began taking an interest in music at a young age. Growing up with 4 other siblings, Real had to find what made him unique. He loved to sing everywhere he went. Choir was a must, anything to sing more. It wasn’t until Real Amor’s teen years (after the death of his older brother) when he decided taking a swing at a career in the industry.

Real fell into a deep depression and developed a serious drug habit. This lasted for a few years and into rehab. During his stay at a treatment facility in Denver he received the news that his younger brother had now passed away. He maintained his sobriety for the next year when he fell back in. After another year passed, he got clean and has been sober since.

We heard his first studio album “Smiley Face Emoji” in the winter of 2017. With this release, it is evident he has a way with words. From December 2017 to recent, he has wowed his hometown with his edgy yet relevant style. Real Amor is currently in the studio working on a new project. His stage time has been shy as of late but with performance experience from Denver to the West Coast, we’re likely to see Real Amor many times in the future.

Fun Facts

“I enjoy bowling. I spend a lot of time at the bowling center with my Dad and Son. I wouldn’t say I have a favorite food right now. However I will say I might be the pickiest eater know to. Lately I’ve been looking into an acting career. Not what will come of it but it sounds fun”.


Leo Cashin – Mixing Engineer -

Nick Pelc – Mixing Engineer -